The Decline Of Baseball As A Kids’ Sport In Montreal: A Closer Look

Baseball, once a beloved pastime for children in Montreal, is experiencing a notable decline in popularity among the city’s youth.…

Gianni P. Gianni P.

Excitement Revs Up: The 2024 F1 Canadian Grand Prix Set To Thrill In Montreal

As the engines roar and anticipation builds, the Formula 1 world descends upon Montreal, Canada, for the highly awaited 2024…

Gianni P. Gianni P.

The Rise Of Frisbee Golf In Montreal: 10 Great Places To Play

Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, has been rapidly gaining popularity in Montreal. Combining the leisurely pace of golf…

Gianni P. Gianni P.
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CF Montreal: Elevating the Sports Scene In Montreal

In the mosaic of Montreal's vibrant sports scene, one entity shines bright…

Gianni P. Gianni P.

Being a Hockey Fan In Montreal Without The Habs In The Playoffs: Finding Joy Beyond The Habs

In Montreal, hockey isn’t just a sport—it’s a way of life. The…

Kevin B. Kevin B.