Being a Hockey Fan In Montreal Without The Habs In The Playoffs: Finding Joy Beyond The Habs

In Montreal, hockey isn’t just a sport—it’s a way of life. The Montreal Canadiens, affectionately known as the Habs, are woven into the fabric of the city’s identity. So, when the Canadiens miss the playoffs, it can feel like a piece of Montreal’s heart is missing. However, being a hockey fan in this passionate city goes beyond cheering for the home team. Here’s how to keep the hockey spirit alive, even when the Canadiens aren’t in the postseason.

Embrace the Community

Montreal’s hockey community is vibrant and resilient. Even without the Habs in the playoffs, local bars and cafes still buzz with discussions about the latest games, trades, and prospects. Join in on the conversations, share your insights, and connect with fellow fans. Whether it’s at your favorite sports bar or through online forums and social media groups, the community aspect of hockey can provide a sense of belonging and excitement.

Follow Former Habs Players

Many former Canadiens players continue their careers with other teams in the NHL. Following their journeys can be both interesting and rewarding. Players like Max Pacioretty, P.K. Subban (now retired but still a media presence), and others have left a lasting impact on the city and continue to garner support. Cheering for familiar faces can help fill the void left by the absence of the Habs in the playoffs.

Dive into Junior and Minor League Hockey

Montreal and the surrounding areas boast a rich landscape of junior and minor league hockey. The Laval Rocket, the AHL affiliate of the Canadiens, offer an opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow in action. Attending these games is a great way to stay connected to the sport and witness the development of potential future Habs.

Enjoy the Pure Love of the Game

The NHL playoffs are some of the most exciting events in sports, regardless of which teams are playing. Watching the intensity, skill, and passion of the games can reignite your love for hockey itself. Pick a team to support for the postseason, follow the Cinderella stories, or simply appreciate the high-level competition. The playoffs are a reminder of why hockey is such a beloved sport.

Participate in Local Hockey Activities

Montreal offers numerous ways to stay engaged with hockey. Join a local amateur league, participate in pick-up games, or attend hockey-related events and charity games. Playing the sport, even at a recreational level, can enhance your appreciation for the game and keep you active and involved.

Celebrate Montreal’s Hockey History

Montreal has a storied hockey history that extends beyond the current season. Visit the Bell Centre to see the Hall of Fame exhibits, take a tour of the arena, or explore the city’s hockey landmarks. Reflecting on the rich legacy of the Canadiens and Montreal’s contributions to the sport can reignite pride and passion, even during a playoff absence.


While the absence of the Montreal Canadiens in the playoffs can be disappointing, it doesn’t diminish the city’s love for hockey. By engaging with the local community, following former players, supporting junior and minor leagues, and immersing yourself in the broader world of hockey, you can keep the spirit of the game alive. Montreal’s passion for hockey transcends any single season, ensuring that the joy and excitement of the sport remain vibrant, year after year.

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